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"Caster Plus" Investment





Is a heat resistant plasters based material with controlled expansion, mainly used to pour low melting point’s metals and alloys (aluminum, zinc, tin, silver) by the “lost wax” procedure if the melting point is not over 800°C.

Compressive Strength

After 24 hrs setting and using a rate of 35 cc water with 100g powder is 100 Kg/cm2.

Setting Expansion

The setting expansion is 0.6% linear and the thermal expansion that is produced with temperatures over 700°C is around 0.9% linear. The total expansion is 1.5%, this counter attacks the contraction suffered by metal and alloys when they are poured.


Approximately, the particle’s size is 60 micron. The investment has optimal granulometric distribution for great detail and smoothness.

Working Time

10 to 15 minutes.


25 to 30 minutes.


Polyethylene’s container with hermetic seal containing 25 Kg.
Polyethylene’s bag containing 25 Kg.
10 Polyethylene’s Bags containing 1 Kg, packed in card box.
It is made in white.


The main use is for the shoes, automotives and dental industries.

Physical Properties


Water to 100g of powder

35 – 40 mL

Working Time

10 – 15  minutes

“Vicat” time

25 – 30  minutes

Compressive Strength

DRY (24 hr)

100  Kg/cm2

Setting Expansion


Thermal Expansion (750ºC)


Total Expansion


Particle Size

60 micron