"High Precision" Gypsum Rock



This material is obtained from a very special technique in mineral selection and a very tight calcination control especially for temperature and time to obtain an “alpha” hemihydrated gypsum.



The crystal of this gypsum has a few porosity an very regular shape that permits the use of very small amount of water to obtain a very high compressive strength and very hard surface models.

Compressive Strength

900 Kg/cm2 after 48 hr setting and using a mix rate of 25 cc water with 100 g powder.

Setting Expansion

The setting expansion for this gypsum is controlled in a very special way to get the minimum possible and it is around 0.03% linear which gives sharpness in high precision works.


90% pass trough a 250 mesh.

“Vicat” Setting Time

Of 5 to 10 minutes


Plastic can with hermetic seal containing 25 Kg packed in 1 Kg. polyethylene bags. Card box containing 10 Kg packed in 1 Kg polyethylene bags. It is made in white, ochre, pink, blue and green.


Used for working models of grater precision and great hardness.

Physical Properties


Water to 100g of Powder

22 – 25 mL

Working Time

3 – 5  minutes

“Vicat” Time

5 – 10  minutes

Compressive Strength

WET (1 hr)

450  Kg/cm2

DRY (48 hrs)

900  Kg/cm2

Setting Expansion

0.03 - 0.05 %  lineal

Particle Size

62 micron