"Densita" Gypsum Rock



This highest quality gypsum is obtained from mineral of highly compact crystallization put under strict and double selection and calcination under low temperatures but long time.



The crystal of this gypsum has minimum porosity and very regular shape that permits the use of very small amount of water: 25 cc/100 g of powder.

Compressive Strength

850 Kg/cm2 after 48 hr setting and using a rate of 25 cc water with 100 g powder.

Setting Expansion

The setting expansion for this gypsum is controlled in a very special way to get the minimum of 0.03% linear.


90% pass through a 250 mesh.

“Vicat” Setting Time

Of 5 to 10 minutes.


Plastic can with hermetic seal containing 25 Kg packed in 1 Kg polyethylene bags. Card box containing 10 Kg packed in 1 Kg polyethylene bags. It is made in white and pink.


Used for working models or dies of greater precision.

Physical Properties


Water to 100g of Powder

25 – 30 mL

Working Time

3 – 5  minutes

“Vicat” Time

5 – 10  minutes

Compressive Strength

WET (1 hr)

425  Kg/cm2

DRY (48 hrs)

850  Kg/cm2

Setting Expansion

0.03 %  linear

Particle Size

62 micron